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Steve Smith and Brett Lee comment on Hardik Pandya’s peculiar Bumrah strategies against SRH.

Dube was skillfully dodging bouncers and short balls throughout the IPL betway, so this is a big change. Against the fast bowlers on Tuesday, he scored 31 runs off of 17 balls, 23 of which came off of 13 short deliveries, looking far more comfortable at that length.

After taking home the Player of the Match trophy on Tuesday, Dube declared, “Definitely, I’ve worked in that way and it’s helping me.” “I’m prepared for them to throw short balls at me because I know they will. I’m experimenting because they (CSK) want me to strike out more often against the bowlers.

Dube had a reputation for hitting for six, especially against spinners, even before the Indian Premier League. Working on it and with the Dafabet coaching staff was a new challenge for him.

CSK’s batting coach, Mike Hussey, stated during the press conference held after the game on Tuesday, “Well, you go back to maybe one or two years ago, teams would come in and bowl a lot of short balls and he would either duck out of the way or defend.” And that was all he had before he entered and settled in. And then maybe he could make some shots against it. If he is in the appropriate position, he can locate boundaries and score runs even if the bowlers are still coming onto the field with the same strategy. Thus, that demonstrates his readiness for their goals and his prior efforts.

Now, though, it’s back to the bowlers. What actions will they take? Do they intend to stick to this plan or will they now stray from it? and give it another shot? We’ll have to wait and see, but I believe Dube should be given a lot of credit for his efforts against that specific ball.

More reassuringly, Dube gave up just three dots to the pacers despite his exceptional boundary striking, demonstrating his ability to move them over the ground when the lengths were adjusted.

It also raises Rummy Star profile ahead of the T20 World Cup selection process, debunking reports that he could struggle to take pace bowling in middle overs. Per Hussey, “it will hold him in good stead for the IPL.” “However, I believe it will also serve him well if he has more opportunities for the country in the future.”


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