knowing Christ and making Christ known
Rev Tom and Barb Cunningham, our first pastors

We started as a dream to have a local Christian church on the west side of Edmonton. That was way back in the 1980s. At that time, we were known as West Jasper Presbyterian Church and under the leadership of the Revd. Tom and Barb Cunningham. Then came a gift of land, a new building, a new name: Callingwood Road Presbyterian Church. From 1991 to 2007 our congregation grew in numbers, diversity and confidence in the Lord’s leading under the leadership of the Revd. John and Bunny Rhoad. Since 2008, the Revd. Dr Rodger and Karen McEachern have provided pastoral leadership.

Now, thirty years, three different locations, and three pastors later, we are still in the west side of Edmonton, about 4 km south-west of the West Edmonton Mall.  And we still have a dream: to be a growing and healthy Christian community that is serious about worship, prayer, the Bible, and living our faith wherever God puts us.

If you’re new to Edmonton, or to the west side, we would like to meet you. You are always so welcome to join us at our Sunday service, or contact us.